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The initial aim is firstly to relax – once you achieve this the rest falls into place! 
With Ray’s calm, tolerant approach this is easy and it ensured that I gained rapid confidence.  Ray’s method of teaching, both the practical issues and technical points, was clear and unrushed. At the end of each lesson, Ray would briefly go over what we had done to ensure I had gained from it and made progress. He would also highlight specific areas to focus on for the next lesson. 
I had a thorough grounding in all aspects of driving, which ensured I had all the knowledge and techniques in place to pass my test – which I did with NO FAULTS  – for which I must say, Ray has to take a fair amount of credit!  I thoroughly enjoyed each and every lesson and recommended him to friends who are now learning with him.  Jordan Smith


Dear Mr Barnes  
At the start of a New Year, I feel I must put on record how much I appreciate all the careful and expert tuition you have given me, which has meant that I am now feeling confident that I will be ready to take my Test in the near future.  
When you first took me on, my confidence was low and I felt extremely nervous whenever I got in front of the wheel - not least because I was a pensioner and felt that I had probably left learning to drive too late! But your endless patience, and skill in teaching, got me through.  
The ability to teach is a gift and you certainly have it. I feel sure that if I had attended another School, one without instructors of your calibre, I would not have made it and would have given up.   I shall always be grateful to you, too, for getting my sister-in-law, and a friend, back on the road after years of not driving and having lost their confidence. Again, your patience and understanding of their needs, made all the difference!        

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